Roswell, New Mexico: The Weird and Wonderful

Ever feel like the world is moving into alien territory, where unidentified objects feel more commonplace that the obscurity of this political climate?

Sometimes it's easier to believe in the unknown than the "what the" that becomes the "normal." With all uncertainty in these changing times, it's sometimes nice to put the faith and focus into the things that cannot be explained, like the weird and wonderful happenings that Roswell New Mexico is known for.

Roswell is a fairly small city, home to close to 50 000 inhabitants of the state. It probably wouldn't have been put on the map as it is now had it not been for the infamous 1947 Roswell UFO incident, the alleged crash site of an unidentified object. Instead of fearing the mystery, the town embraced it and it has since become known as the alien hot-spot of America.

The first thing to do is to check out the Roswell UFO Museum. Here tourists and believers can experience the incident from beginning to ongoing end through the history of the crash on W.W. “Mack” Brazel ranch, to their findings and hypotheses. Read eye witness statements and incident reports and choose your own outcome! This mystery has never been solved entirely but was definitely the catalyst for this alien homestead.

Further exploration of the museum will lead you to the Area 51 Exhibit which is based on CIA declassified material of the crash. Myth or reality?  The choice is yours...

Alien Zone is one of the top rated travel gift shops, so clearly a must go-to spot. With everything from further evidence of alien life, Area 51 and all other things of the unexplained array, this area is the place to be. This might be one of the best places to go with all of your questions, queries and concerns. 

If your interests are pique and totally lend to the great alien debate, sign up for one of the many UFO tours where seasoned guides will walk you through the history and mystery of this famous town. 

To say one would need to be openminded to truly appreciate the extraterrestrial sites of Roswell would be an understatement, but given the alien nature of current America, that might not be so hard to do right now...

Live long and prosper!

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