Right now, people from all over the world- filmmakers, actors, directors, writers, buyers and sellers- are flocking to Park City, Utah for the 33rd annual Sundance Film Festival.

Other major film festivals commonly take place in major cities- Toronto, Cannes, Berlin, Italy, New York and so on, so one has to wonder what Park City is all about. How did the world's largest film festival end up here?

Before Sundance was born, it was the US/Utah Film Festival, created in an effort to bring tourism to Salt Lake City, as well as bolster the film climate of the state. Sterling Van Wagenen, head of Robert Redford's production company Wildwood partnered with members of the Utah Film Commission to do just that.

Just seven years after that first event, the festival had grown monumentally in both prestige and size. In 1985, it officially became the Sundance Film Festival, relocating to Park City.

A consensus report in 2010 stated that the population of the town was just over 7000, a number that is immensely dwarfed by the 46000 + attendees to the festival annually.

The film festival is only ten days out of the year, each January. So what do people do for the remaining 355 days of the year?

Here are Park City's top things to do and see!

Park City has been named among one of the 20 'prettiest towns' in the United States.

The town has been lauded for its' impeccable and well-maintained (and respected) bicycle paths and trails.

It is home to US Olympic Ski Team.

A fire in 1898 all but destroyed Main Street, but the building's were rebuilt to showcase architectural designs of Queen Anne, Mission/Spanish Revival, and Victorian periods. 

The 2002 Winter Olympics were held in Utah, with the official Olympic Park residing in Park City.

Park City has the largest roller coaster in all of Utah.

Park City has a plethora of cultural and environmental things to see and do including various nature excursions along the Provo River and Uintah Mountains, athletic adventures such as snowmobiling and horseback riding at Red Pine Adventures, tours and screenings at the infamous Egyptian Theatre, and the summertime community street market Park Silly Market.

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