LA Must-Eat Restaurants Now: Here's Looking At You

Los Angeles pales in comparison to the quantity of dining options from cities like, New York City, London or Toronto. So when new restaurants hit the market, Angelenos are quick to jump on the scene. Here is an establishment that everyone is talking about, eating at or dying to try.

Here's Looking At You

Chefs Jonathan Whitener and Lien Ta of Animal in the Fairfax District have partnered again with their new craft plate and cocktail restaurant located in Koreatown.

From their cocktail menu they say,

Our first menu was an origin story. This one’s an exploration of the only place on Earth that could inspire the kind of cooking we do: Los Angeles. Many a metropolis may be a melting pot, but few feature so many cultures (and their flavors) overlapping on the same street corner. As every intersection harbors countless tales, all of these very seasonal cocktails have been inspired by quintessentially Angeleno stories and moments.

Quintessentially LA.

Small and shared plates, exotic combinations and unique twists on traditional dishes, these guys know how to take food to the next level. With an ever revolving menu, Here's Looking At You is sure to be a long-time thriller. Shishito Peppers and Acorn Squash paired with a 30-Day Dry Aged Holstein Ribeye and a Rainbow Sherbet to finish sounds like a solid meal. Their cocktail menu is expansive, with interesting concoctions and even more intriguing names.

Check them out at:
3901 W 6th St, LA, CA 90020

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