La La Land: No Pants Subway Ride

Yes, you read that right.

Amidst tinseltown's Hollywood Walk of Fame, film premieres and star-sighting tours is the annual tradition of riding LA Metro's subway, sans pants.

This 9th annual tradition is hosted by GuerilLA will be participating in Improv Everywhere’s international mission, where their answer to "why aren't you wearing pants" is "I forgot them." This event isn't just for LA though. It is a global event that will see people from all over the world uniting in underwear, riding subway trains in various cities and countries.

On Sunday January 8th at 1PM, riders from all over the city will gather at Downtown LA's Union Station before departing in groups on all traveling lines of the Metro. To be treated as just another day, participants will enter the trains- without pants, sporting their best undies, and ride until 3:30PM where all will meet in Downtown Santa Monica's Tongva Park.

This experience has the makings of a protest meets with flash mob mentality or public performance, although the message of why is not any more explicit than "we cause scenes." Whether or not it is an attempt to promote LA Metro, an "impromptu" gathering of likeminded semi-exhibitionists, or just an excuse to show the world your favourite gitch, it is definitely a sight to see and an experience to partake in. Treat it as part of your New Year's resolution to show off your new you or as a scavenger hunt with no real end mission- whatever the case may be. It is an opportunity to congregate with like-minded lunatics who are brave enough to bare (almost) all. For one day a year, the masses will become the crazies and this fun and probably exhilarating adventure will be sure to kick off your 2017.

Be sure to buy or load up your TAP Card before purchasing. Passes can be bought at any subway entrance, $8.00 for a new full day pass or $7.00 if you already have one.

Happy Riding!


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