I Scream, You Scream, This Ice Cream's Supreme

Who says that ice cream is a thing for summer days, for special occasions or late night binge eats? This oft qualified "cheat" treat can be loaded with refined sugars, be unfriendly to dairy free and lactose intolerant folks, and a source of guilty pleasures.

But it doesn't have to be, not anymore at least. With a few simple components, a little imagination and a few easy steps, ice cream can be made a home whenever the desire arises. No need for an ice cream maker- just a freezer and a blender is all one needs. Oh and the secret ingredient of course, banana's.

Banana Ice Cream:

2 Ripe Banana's, Frozen
A food Processor
5 Minutes of your time.

Once frozen, slice your banana's, place in the food processor and pulse until desired texture. For a creamier treat, add a splash of coconut during mixing. For a harder consistency, fill an air-tight container with the goods and freeze for at least an hour.


Now that you have your base, you can use your imagination and try out a few more banana and (insert flavor here) concoctions. Add pecans to the mix, or garnish with banana chips. Add dark chocolate chunks, fresh mint, frozen strawberries, or even drizzle with honey- whatever beckons your taste buds. The amount of additional ingredients depends on your personal taste, so if you tend to lean more towards the savory, add salted caramel nibs, or chopped pistachios during blending. Got a sugar tooth? Add your favourite cereal to the mix. A dash of rose or orange flower blossom water can make for an exotic spoonful while pretty much any sweet or spicy herb  like basil, rosemary and cilantro, can make for a refreshing bowl.

The combinations are endless, the preparations are easy, and the outcomes are so worth the wait for frozen banana's.

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