Gulab Jamun: India's Donut

Indian sweets are equally delicious and an acquired taste. Often extremely sweet or surprisingly savory, these desserts of all different shapes, sizes and colours are-if anything- a sight to behold. 

Of the many- Halwa, Laddu, Kulfi, Ras Malai- Gulab Jamun's are a (my) favourite. 

These tiny honey-soaked balls of deliciousness are essentially little donuts- TimBits, Donut Holes, Munchkins and the like but inexplicably Indian, what with the combination of fresh cardamons and vanilla 

Here is a quick and easy recipe to make these yummy treats at home. 


The Goods:

The Dough
2 Cups of Skim Milk Powder
1 Cup of Bisquik or Flour
1/4 LB of Butter (or less)
1/2 Cup of Milk

The Syrup
3 Cups of Sugar
3 Cups of Water or 3-1 Water to Rosewater

The How-To:

Mix all of the dry ingredients with the butter until dough is crumbly. Slowly add in milk to moisten the dough into pliable and workable balls. 

Each ball should be rounded out to about 1 1/4 diameter in size. 

Heat a deep pan and immerse balls into hot oil, being careful of splashing. Once the balls turn golden brown, drain excess oil in a sieve or on a paper towel. 

Once balls are cooked, boil the syrup on a medium heat and add a few drops of vanilla extract and whole cardamons to the mix which will be ready when thick. Fully cover and soak the cooked dough balls in the sticky goo and eat when you're ready!


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