Sushi is totally delicious. Even if raw seafood isn't your thing, the variety of sushi combinations allow something for everyone. Traced back to 8th century Japan, sushi is the practice of preserving fish in fermented rice. For those not so keen on the grain aspect of this meal, here are a few options and substitutes!

The idea of preparing sushi can be daunting and is often left up to the masters behind the counters. The long list of ingredients and tools to make it happen can overwhelm even the most practiced chef but here we simplify it, take taste and quality over presentation, although I encourage you to plate it look as appetizingly as it is.

Most grocery stores carry NORI, seaweed pressed into paper-thin sheets. This is our base. If you don't have the bamboo rolling mat at your disposal, don't worry about it. Plastic wrap is a little bit more of a task but works just fine (with a bit of patience).

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Lay out your plastic wrap on a clean, flat surface, followed by a sheet of nori. For the faint of seaweed heart, peel a cucumber and hollow it out, using this cool veg as your base and "wrap." Instead of rice, our base here is mashed avocado. Another alternative could include riced cauliflower, a great substitute for rice.

When laying out the avocado, be sure to leave an inch border along three edges, a little bit more on the fourth "wall." Next, place your ingredients in thin strips near the top of the sheet. Fillers can include, fried egg, crab, tuna, salmon, cucumber, sweet potato- anything you want really, so long as it's finely cut and not too bulky. Once stuffed, roll the wrap, peeling back the plastic with every roll forward. By the time you reach the end, the nori will be secured by the plastic.

If you have the time to spare, sometimes it is helpful to put the roll in the fridge, it helps the wrap and insides stay in place. Once ready, slice into sections usually between 6 and 8 pieces.

Fresh ginger, wasabi and soy sauce (Tamari for GF eaters) and dip away. Easy Peasy!

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