Fry Sauce: A Utahans Delicacy

Every city in the world is known for something, usually pertaining to food. Austin, Texas is known for their tacos, Montreal is synonymous with poutine and smoked meat,Utah, fry sauce, Maine, lobster, Philadelphia, Philly Cheesesteak,  Po'boys, New Orleans, wait- Utah, fry sauce, what?

As Park City, Utah comes into the forefront of where to be and what's happening in America this month in lieu of the Sundance Film Festival, we take a look at their beloved condiment and how to make it.

A brief history:

At it's core, it is a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup. But for Utahan's it is something more.

Said to be conjured in the 1940's by chef Don Carlos Edwards, this sauce was a staple and a much talked about addition at his restaurant Don Carlos Barbecue.


Used on pretty much anything- fries, burgers and salads- this foodie invention stood the test of  time as did his restaurant which eventually evolved into the Arctic Circle chain.

As fry sauce became more popular and grew with the franchise, so did the recipe. Here are some additional tips on how to elevate your fry sauce to the next level:

Basic Fry Sauce:

1 Cup of Mayonnaise
1/2 Cup of Ketchup
1/2 TSP of Onion Powder
3 to 4 TSPS of Pickle Juice

Mix it all together and start dipping!

Additional Taste Boosters:

Hot Sauce or Cayenne
Worcestershire Sauce
Vinegar in place of Pickle Juice
Garlic Powder
Salt & Pepper
Soy Sauce
Green Onions
Sliced Jalapeños

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