For those inclined to lean towards the world of spooky and strange, the obvious choice day of celebration is Halloween. If you're superstitious, then perhaps you're looking to test your luck on a day such as Friday the 13th. Although its' origins have been heavily debated and questioned, the unlucky day has roots tracing back to the Middle Ages, as well as biblical references.

This year, there are two months which host paraskevidekatriaphobia, the scientific name for the legitimate fear of the day, October 2017 and January 2017, today. If your morbid sense of curiosity and dark hopes for tragedy don't follow through, check out the chilling happenings in historic New Orleans to help conjure up the vibes.

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What better way to experience the undead and all things dark and white magic, than in historic New Orleans, Louisiana. This city is rich in culture, with heavy roots in folklore and myth. The birthplace of western voodoo, this town boasts a world of ghost stories, haunted houses and otherworldly frequented cemeteries. To explore in its' fullest form, take in one of the many haunted walking tours that are ready to  lend their expertise to the willing and wanting, to anyone curious and brave enough to channel the other dimensions through ghost, vampire, cemetery and voodoo tours.


Most tours are centered around the French Quarter area of the city, but many can take you over to the historic Garden District where famous homes, mansions and celebrities still honor the old-world living with immaculately maintained abodes, streets and gardens.


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