Every cuisine has its' thing, something that makes it unique from the others and synonymous with the culture from which it stems. Curries and Masalas for instance, immediately bring to mind the dishes of India, fondues from France and pastas from Italy.

In the Thai culture, a variety of ingredients are combined to make the aromatic and thoughtfully blended dishes that we have come to love. So for those of you trying your hand at anything Thai, here is a list of the absolute ingredients that you must have at hand to make the most authentic (as possible) dishes to woo your palette.





Cooking for any type of style or cuisine takes a lot of patience and understanding. It also takes a lot of love which is the key ingredient in most Thai dishes. Food is historically a communal experience but for the Thai people, it is a sign of hospitality and welcome. With this in mind, and this treasured list of must have ingredients, anyone can honour this ancient tradition of cooking for one or many. 

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