Hot off the heels of the holidays and we're left craving the daily chocolate offerings from our Advent calendars, we've run out of days to countdown and are looking for excuses to continue the celebrations of the season.

Here in LA, we have just the solution for you, especially if trying new things while not breaking the bank are part of your New Years resolutions. Thanks to the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, the biannual 15 day festival dineL.A. is back, with the winter event taking place Friday January 13th to Friday January 27th.

This now tradition was first established in 2008 when some 140 restaurants opened their doors and kitchens to the curious eaters of the counties. This year, all across the city, over 300 hundred restaurants will be participating in this must-do celebration of all things food. Select establishments will offer fixed-priced meals for both lunch and dinner, and include weekends. A 20% minimum guarantee secures a price-on-point dining experience for everyone, offering a range from $15-25 two-course lunch, to a $29-95 three course dinner, the latter leading more towards an exclusive dining experience. Some restaurants will offer an off the regular menu special while other will have specific dineL.A. bill of fare.

Reservations are definitely recommended across the board as this event is definitely a hot ticket item on the list of things to do in LA. Head over to the Discover LA website for more and specific information, including a list of restaurants, dining perks and exclusive deals.

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