Deliciously Disgusting Alien Cocktail: Brain Hemorrhage

Keeping on trend with the current theme of Aliens in America, what better way to avoid the madness than to sit back and take it all in with a tasty brain hemorrhage- in a glass that is.

This super easy and fun drink recipes is sure to be a hit amongst believers and naysayers alike! Prepare to have your "mind blown..." (har har har)

* Just a heads up... This drink definitely looks disgusting and the longer it sits around, the more it will warp into an unearthly concoction, begging the constant question of "Why am I doing this..." Enjoy responsibly!

Alien Brain Hemorrhage:

 .75 Ounces of Peach Schnapps
 .25 Ounces of Irish Cream
5-7 Drops Grenadine Syrup
1 Dash Blue Curacao


In a glass, pour in your Schnapps, followed by the Irish Cream. Yes, don't worry it is supposed to look curdled- it's all part of the effect! As the Irish Cream rises to the top, add in your Grenadine and Curacao! Watch the colours intermingle, cheers with your friends and take the first sip!


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