Caesar VS Bloody Mary

Ever heard a Canadian whine over their Bloody Mary, a classic cocktail made up of a spicy tomato and vodka concoction that doesn't quite cut it when compared to the Caesar? As a Canuck, I do it all the time. So what is the big deal? Why is the Caesar cocktail consumed over 350 millions times by Canadians each year? Let's take a look at what makes a Caesar.

While virtually any liquor- gin, tequila and beer- can be added to this cocktail, the preferred alcohol is usually vodka. That's where we begin. As is with the Bloody Mary, Tobasco, Worcestershire, Cocktail Sauce and Celery Salt for the rim, most of the ingredients don't differ. That is until you add the piece de resistance, the juice- the foundation of it all- Clamato. This really is the only difference to the BM and while some might recoil at the thought of adding this thing clam-based tomato mixture, it is really what makes it so great. It's lighter, less pulpy, full of flavour depth and still rich in all those nutrients that we convince ourselves are curing our hangovers.

Caesar Caesar Bacon Chicken Caesar

In recent years,  Caesar's/ Bloody Mary's have become something of a phenomena, with drink masters and cocktailers crafting their own spin on the drink, garnishing the beverages from the simple and classic olive and celery addition to pickles, beans, pepperoni, bacon, shrimp, cheese, fried chicken! Honestly, the world is your "clam" here as anything goes.

Give it a go!

Classic Caesar Cocktail:
(for a 12 oz glass)

With a wedge of lime, drench the rim of your glass and dip into celery salt (or chili powder, lime salt, cumin).
Pour in 2-3 oz. vodka.
Add 3 dashes Worcestershire sauce, 3 dashes Tabasco sauce and if you're up for it, a teaspoon of cocktail sauce.
Mix it all up, squeeze in a lime, add some ice cubes and pour in Clamato until it reaches the bottom of your salty rim. 

Garnish as you see fit. 

Ces't Tout! Enjoi!

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