Today marks the anniversary of the founding of Australia.

While the significance of this national holiday has evolved over time, it's origins stem from the arrival of the British to New South Wales 229 years ago. Today, this day of observance celebrates the vast and diverse country, its' beautiful landscape and its' many communities of people. This public holiday usually includes outdoor events and concerts, barbecues, festivals and fireworks, most of which are hosted by the National Australia Day Council.

Australia- Ferrython

In Sydney, patriots can visit the Barangaroo Reserve to witness indigenous performers celebrate the worlds oldest living culture, head over to the Sydney Opera House for a live concert or cheer on various fleets dressed to win at the Harbour for the annual Ferrython race.

Australia- Brisbane

In Brisbane, head out to Bribie Island for opening ceremonies, all day festivities and fireworks in the evening. Check out Redcliffe at Suttons Beach for the Marine Parade or the flag raising and cadet march.

Australia- Roulettes

In Melbourne, the city of Victoria is taken over with mass celebrations, festivals and parades that celebrate the diversity and growth of the people and the country. The big ticket show takes place when the Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes take over the skies.

Australia- Yeppoon

Quite possibly, however, the biggest event of the day is the massive party at Yeppoon Main Beach off Capricorn Coast, a jam-packed all day celebration that provides something for everyone, whether that be market strolls, chalk art competitions, dance showcases, yacht races, live music, sand sculpture competitions and fireworks.


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