According to a recent survey, three countries are trending as absolute must-see hot-spots right now. Whether it is because of the current political climate of America or the newfound accessibility to some of these countries, Cuba, Canada and Iceland are where it's at.

Let's take a look at why and how you can and should make these places your top travel priorities this year.



For many, Cuba has been a top destination for travelers, namely those outside of the States. Not without want, the communist country with its' rich historical and political climate has been unattainable to foreigners until recently. With the American travel ban recently lifted, many are flocking to this legendary Caribbean Island that is best known for Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, cigars and its' 1950's era decor, style and flair. The capital Havana is probably the number one go-to city; its' Spanish-Colonial architecture, plethora of pastel colors and Salsa music and dancing is a definite draw.


This year, Canada turns 150 years old. To celebrate this milestone, the country is waiving all admission fees to its' 46 National Parks and 171 Historic Sites all across the land. This. Is. Amazing. What better way to explore the North than with this natural and free exploration pass that extends from the west coast to the east and everything in between. Top cities include Vancouver, Whistler, Banff, Canmore, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax, just to name a few. Bring on the Poutine, eh!



Iceland- home of Bjork, dramatic landscapes, volcanoes and hot springs, has been a top destination for years. It's vibrant culture is completely contrasted with it's elements; it is surrounded by ice but contrasted with fire. It has two glorious seasons, night and day and yet a vibe that is unwavering. With a population of around 330 000 and an average age of 35, it is and remains to be a wonderful destination for anyone.

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